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Divine Intervention in Days of Declension

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Ian R. K. Paisley

The days of the Judges were days of deep and dark declension. How could they be anything else when there was no king and every depraved man did as he pleased in his own wicked eyes?

Those generations paralleled our own generation.

The only hope in this deep and dark human declension is the glorious divine intervention of the Lord Himself.

The book of Judges is a chronicle of such intervention.

When God moves in, takes up the nobodies, makes them somebodies and turns the tide and brings about glorious deliverances, how wonderful it is!

The God of the Judges is our God. He would stir us up in dedication and prayer to thirst for and expect such divine intervention today.

The days of God's mighty acts are not past. We can expect more and more of them.

Let us heed the good Word of God, and with William Carey, the great missionary pioneer, 'Expect great things from God and attempt great things for God.'

About Ian R.K. Paisley:

Ordained in 1946 Ian Paisley has maintained a Biblical Ministry in Belfast, Northern Ireland for 55 years. His name is synonymous throughout the world with the defence of the historic Christian faith.

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