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Character Out of Chaos

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David O. Dykes

"The test of our character most often comes at a time when we can least afford to fail." - from the Introduction

Movies, supermarket tabloids, and news magazines show the evidence of it. Executives steal millions from investors, adultery and promiscuity are promoted as the norm, activists clamor to redefine marriage - moral chaos surrounds us like the air we breath.

For those who follow Christ, it can be a daily struggle to survive the crushing pressure of the culture around us. Mere survival, however, is not what we are called to achieve. We are called to develop godly character through the moral challenges we face.

In Character Out of Chaos you'll meet a remarkable man who faced temptation, persecution and even betrayal for his convictions, yet he held to them unwaveringly. Although he lived thousands of years ago, Daniel faced the same challenges we face. His life exemplifies how character can emerge from chaos and how one godly life can affect an entire society.

"Character Out of Chaos is a marvelous book of encouragement. It ties together beautifully our critical need for a strong personal character foundation as we face the uncertainties of today's world, and God's prophecies of the tomorrows to come." ZIG ZIGLAR - Author/Motivational Teacher

"I heartily recommend this book to anyone." STANLEY D. TOUSSAINT - Professor of Biblical Exposition, Dallas Theological Seminary

About David O. Dykes:

DAVID O. DYKES is senior pastor of Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler, Texas, a church of more than 12,000 members. Each week his sermons are broadcast nationally to millions of listeners. In addition to authoring three other books, he has been published in Moody magazine, Church Administration, and Guideposts.

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