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New Spirit-Filled Life Kingdom Dynamics - Audio CD Devotional/How To Maintain A Spirit Filled Life

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Thomas Nelson
Jack Hayford
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Jack W. Hayford shares powerful insight into the topics of praise, growth, prayer, faith, power, and truth in his 6-CD audio devotional. Get ready to worship and to learn as you spend time with this beloved teacher.


  • 6-CD Set containing 24 messages derived from the New Spirit-Filled Life Bible's Kingdom Dynamics feature and readings from the New King James Version
  • Perfect for personal devotional time or small group discussion starters
  • Beautiful uplifting music background and interludes

This audiobook by Dr Jack W Hayford has been written to help guide Christians who are eager to grow and learn to have a spirit-filled life. Through teaching, praise, music, and prayer, this book offers people a chance to grow in their faith, learning to be open to and connect with the Holy Spirit. In the bible, we are called to have a loving, joyful and peaceful relationship with the Holy Spirit. Spending time to discover more about His love and the spirit of truth, is the best way to live a spirit-filled life with God.

About the Author

Dr Jack W Hayford, executive editor, is the founding pastor of The Church on the Way, Van Nuys, California; Chancellor of The King's College and Seminary in Los Angeles; and President of Foursquare International. He has written over forty books, has composed more than 600 hymns and worship songs, and is the Executive Editor of many Spirit-Filled Life publications produced by Thomas Nelson Publishers. He is heard around the world on radio and television.

How to Maintain a Spirit-Filled Life: Why Is It Important?

Being a Christian and living the Christian life is a blessing, but without understanding the Holy Spirit it can feel more like a burden. Having a truly blessed Christian life is very reliant on us being filled with the Holy Spirit. In the New Testament, the spiritual vibrancy in the life of the early church is something extremely beautiful, but it can make us wonder how we too, can live a spirit-filled life. So, what does having a spirit-filled life truly mean?

When we become a Christian, we receive the Holy Spirit into our life, but that doesn’t mean we are all living a spirit-filled life. In the bible, we are given the instruction in Ephesians 5:18, “And be not drunk with wine, in which is dissipation; but be filled with the Spirit”. This was written to those who had the spirit and was a call for them to grow in their faith further. This is a direct command and requires our obedience of God, to learn how to be filled with His Holy Spirit.

It's important to remember that growing in the Holy Spirit is a clear-cut instruction, and is not optional. Just like you would spend the time getting to know a friend, it’s imperative that we all spend the time getting to know God. This will help us also get to know how he speaks to us, and how we can help the people around us.

It is also not something that simply happens automatically. God wants us to put the work in and seek Him out in our life. Additionally, being filled with the Holy Spirit is not just a single check box, but instead, it is a continual process. It takes time and it is not something we should ever stop developing. God wants to work within us, so when we search for Him and for His Spirit and are eager to grow, He overwhelms us with his transcending love and vibrancy.

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