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What Jesus Demands From the World

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Inter-Varsity Press

As we read the Gospels we see the demands that Jesus makes, not only of those who believe in Him, but also, the demands for those who don't. The demands give us insight into, not only who Jesus is, but also, what He rightly expects of us as believers. Many people believe that these demands are those of an unreasonable taskmaster, but this is not true, rather they are the commands of the one who gives life everlasting. What the Lord Jesus Christ demands from the world is that we 'love Him' above everything else.

In this book, well known author John Piper takes a look at many of the demands Jesus makes that are outlined in the Gospels. Providing the context of these demands, by outlining the person and work of Christ, then analysing these demands in fifty succinct, and pithy chapters.  These chapters offer enquirers an easy to understand introduction to for new believers, while still offering an opportunity for those already in the faith to know Jesus better.

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