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The Message of The Person of Christ

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Inter-Varsity Press
Robert Letham
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Derek Tidball
The Bible Speaks Today

From the beginning of the book of Genesis, the person of Jesus Christ is the key to the Bible's story of God's plan which unfolds, glorifying Himself in the ultimate act of love by providing salvation of the human race from sin, misery and death. From the opening scenes of Scripture, the plot gathers pace, and over time, the picture of God's plan through Jesus Christ comes into focus, until eventually and in vivid clarity, everything points to the one person, identified by angels, by John the Baptist, by the apostles and - above all - by his incarnation, life and works, crucifixion, resurrection and ascension: The Lord Jesus Christ, the Deliverer and Saviour foretold and promised throughout the Old Testament.

Robert Letham's purpose is to show how the Bible on every page, speaks to us of its central figure, Jesus Christ. In clear and understandable language, he expounds a range of key Old and New Testament texts, investigating main scriptural themes in the order that they appear in Scripture. Robert focuses on the narrative that traces the emergence of God's plan through Biblical history, and in doing so, stands with the Christian church through history in affirming that this is the key to understanding what the Bible is all about.

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