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The Divine Dance

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Richard Rohr
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Mike Morrell

The Divine Dance is one of author Richard Rohrs most beloved books providing a fresh perspective for anyone studying or teaching the trinity with insights into Christian Mysticism

The Trinity is one of the central doctrines of Christianity, although it is widely accepted as something we may never fully  we won't ever fully understand. In this classic work the author proffers questions like; Should we still try to understand the Trinity? If we could understand it, how would it transform our relationship with God?

In this challenging and thought-provoking book, respected Bible teacher Richard Rohr along with Mike Morrell, explores the nature of God and the seemingly contradictory idea of the Trinity as both three and one. With an honest and clear outlook he encourages us to build on the earliest understandings of the Christian viewpoints relating to the linkbetween Father, Son and Spirit as a flow of a dance - a Divine Dance - that we can each join in.

This engaging and accessible look at the nature of God will provoke thoughts about the way you think of the Trinity and give you a much greater understanding of one of the most important relationships that is central to Christian doctrine. It will leave you with a faith that is renewed and strengthened, and show you how you can engage more deeply in your with God and the world through a renewed understanding of the Trinity.

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