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Four Gospels

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William S Stob

The Four Gospels have been read and studied for nearly 2,000 years. As early as the second century Irenaeus, Church father and martyr, declared that four accounts of the life of Christ were needed - no more and no less! Yet many Christians, in spite of the numerous and excellent commentaries available today, cannot answer the question, "Why four Gospels?"


This in-depth volume, which took 20 years to research and 10 years to write, clearly reveals the necessity of a four-fold portrait of Christ. Selected excerpts from some of the most celebrated writers of the past, such as A.Edersheim, Chas.Erdman, F.G.Campbell Morgan, Arthur Pink, Sir Wm. Ramsay, Chas. Rollin, R.C.Trench, B.F.Westcott, and scores of others, are incorporated throughout the book in order to explain and substantiate the historical background and characteristic differences of the Four Gospels. This work is an excellent reference for teachers, students and historians, but is designed for Christians in all walks of life. A homeschooling mother stated that the "work is quite readable (even by a pressured mom) and very worthwhile. I especially like the organization of the book, which helped me keep my bearings. The history is fascinating and helpful."

About William S Stob:

The author grew up in Cicero, Illinois, and received his early education in private schools associated with the Christian Reformed Church. Later he studied at Calvin College and The University of Illinois at Chicago Circle, and has earned degrees from Morton College (A.A.), Elmhurst Collage (B.A.), and Concordia University Chicago (M.A.). Before moving to Michigan, Bill was a public school teacher, an officer in The Gideons, and a regular speaker at skid-row missions for over 25 years and, as an avid historian and book collector, has an extensive library with original editions dating back to 1623. Bill and his wife, Becky, were married in 1969 and have two grown daughters, Jennifer and Rachel, who were homeschooled through twelfth grade. Both graduated with honors from Bob Jones University.

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