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Finding God in the Questions

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Timothy Johnson

If you’ve ever wondered whether Christian faith can hold up to the toughest questions of our day, this is the book for you. Dr. Timothy Johnson presents a relentlessly honest exploration of the biggest questions of all: Can we believe in God' in the face of the, discoveries of science? And can Christian faith really be credible for a tough-minded seeker? Is God real, is religion relevant, is faith possible? Often we don’t know what the answers are, and sometimes we don’t even know what questions to ask.

Don’t shy away from the questions, says Dr. Johnson, that’s where God meets us - in the midst of honest grappling with heartfelt issues. Dr. Johnson never settles for easy answers. Along the way he offers wonderfully practical counsel for living not just the spiritual life, but the good life. The result is a wise, vigorous and inspiring guide for the quest of faith.

Using anecdotes from his own life, sharing his doubts and questions, Dr. Timothy Johnson, pastor, doctor and medical editor for ABC News will inspire you to keep asking the questions.

With the same keen mind accustomed to medical and scientific examination, he investigates the plausibility of God’s existence and explores the significance of Jesus of Nazareth. Despite all the difficulties of faith, he explains what he believes and why.

Come join a fellow pilgrim!

About the Author:

Dr. Timothy Johnson, M.D.,M.P.H., is the medical editor for ABC News and has reported on health-care issues for Good Morning America since 1975. He also holds joint positions in medicine at Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Dr. Johnson is the founding editor of the Harvard Medical School Health Letter. He is also a qualified minister.

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