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Ancient Path

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Joshua M Jost

Are we really prepared to step into the fire of God's presence and meet Him, unveiled, as He truly is?

This small book represents the author's ten-year journey through the Old Testament, from Genesis to Jesus, to understand the Father in the light of his dealings with the nation of Israel - undeserved mercy, dreadful judgements and devastating divorce. The result is a powerful revelation of a God who resembles little of the god worshipped in much of the modern church:

- A God of justice as well as mercy.

- A God who must be feared to be known.

- A God whose love requires obedience to follow.

- A God who holds us accountable for the lives that we live.

- A God who demands all of us, because He gives us all of Him.

This is not for the faint-hearted. As you ponder the true nature of God, and the radical weight of His message to us, it will challenge the very core of your beliefs. But, if you are willing, it will awaken a divine hunger in your soul to find the real power of the Father's love; the love that perhaps you've heard of, or dreamt about, but never seen.

Come follow the Ancient Path.

About Joshua Jost:

JOSHUA JOST lives with his wife and two daughters in a quiet cottage nestled in the woods of northeast Scotland. Here he enjoys cool days by the fire with a hot coffee and long walks in the forest. His passion is for traveling to meet others who share a kindred heart - recklessly pursuing the great path to knowing the Father more intimately.

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