2 Corinthians - Bible Study Guides

2 Corinthians - Bible Study Guides
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Product ID:  9780281063567
ISBN/Barcode:  9780281063567
Publisher:  SPCK
Binding  Paperback
Pages  64
Author(s)  Tom Wright
Series  For Everyone Bible Study Guides

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Only 2 left in stock, usually dispatched within 24 hours

When we suffer, what do we think? Maybe, God doesn't love me? Maybe we worry about how we are going to cope, or think where is the point to our faith? In Biblical times, suffering whether illness, or other difficulties were often thought about as a sign of judgement from God or dive displeasure. Perhaps today, we are not unlike those in the ancient world, we think there can't be a God because of the suffering we see around us.

Popular author Tom Wright takes a closer look at this premise in this interactive Bible study on 2 Corinthians, by offering Scriptures, thoughts and questions, Tom, shows that suffering and difficulties are not always because God is judging us, but it may be that God wants us to trust Him more in the face of adversity - strengthening our faith. After all, how often do we go to God first with a problem, rather than try to sort it out ourselves?

Paul desired that the Corinthians completely trusted God in every way, giving Him their all, finding out that comfort is found in the suffering through the death and resurrection and life of Jesus, in Gods world the Bible.

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