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Our Dear Child

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Christian Focus
Denise & Timothy George

"I'm Pregnant!"

As soon as you know that your baby is on the way people take notice. Normally relatives soften, total strangers start conversations and family members take extra care of you as you look forward to the day of your child's birth.

Of course there can also be difficulties and complications, morning sickness and sibling jealousy, but all-in-all preparing for the birth of a baby is a special time.

But what's it going to be like with a baby in the house? How will I prepare for his or her arrival and what will be the best way to nurture and enjoy this time?

Take heart from these encouraging letters written by writers Denise and Timothy George to their yet to be born child. They are honest, heart-warming and full of wisdom.

These short meditations make an ideal gift to anyone contemplating bringing a child into this world and who wants to give them the best start in life.

About the Authors:

DENISE GEORGE has written many books for Zondervan, Bethany House and New Hope Publishers. This is her second book for Christian Focus following 'Teach your Children to Pray' ISBN 1 85792 9411. Denise also conducts seminars on personal devotional and relational issues.

TIMOTHY GEORGE is the Dean of Beeson Divinity School and executive editor of Christianity Today. He also serves on the editorial advisory boards of The Harvard Theological Review, Christian History, and Books & Culture.

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