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When Grace Comes Alive

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Terry L Johnson


After the enthusiastic reception to his previous books he now turns his attention to how the Lord's Prayer is more than just an aside in the New Testament. Terry's books specialise in revealing the spiritual depth of scripture - so if you are looking for meaning in your life, start here!

This is a profoundly accessible book, one that cleverly combines the theology of the Lord's Prayer with down-to-earth application. Terry teaches us not only how we should pray but also how we should live.

An appendix includes Matthew Henry's amplified paraphrase of the Lord's Prayer.

'The work of Terry Johnson is to be commended because it comes from one of the leading young pastors of America. What is refreshing is that the ministry of Terry Johnson has not only historical integrity but it has a very definite appeal to young people, proving once again that the genuinely classic is of interest to all, both the old and the young.' Hughes Oliphant Old

'...a clarion call to humble and believing prayer in thousands of churches across the world. His book gives the clear and convincing rationale for taking up this neglected weapon of divine power, and assists us in doing so in a very realistic way. For he takes an honest, open-hearted and humble look at the difficulties of life in our secular culture, as well as our weaknesses and struggles.'

About the Terry L Johnson:

TERRY L. JOHNSON is the Senior Pastor of the Independent Presbyterian Church in Savannah, Georgia. His previous books include:

The Family Worship Book - A manual for conducting family worship in the home.

When Grace Comes Home - Explaining how grace can be part of your daily experience.

When Grace Transforms - Inspiring teaching form the Beatitudes.





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