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NIV Life Application Personal Size Study Bible

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Tyndale House
NIV Year
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7.7 Point
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207 x 140 x 55

How many times have you read your Bible and asked:

"How can this possibly apply to my life, my job, my friendships, my marriage, my neighborhood, my family, my country?"

"What do those ancient cultures have to do with today?"

"Why can't I understand what God is saying to me through His Word?"

"How are the lives of these people in the Bible important?"

THE LIFE APPLICATION STUDY BIBLE - Discover how you can apply God's truth to everyday life. Inside you'll find thousands of Life Application notes to help you apply Scripture to real-life experiences. It's also packed with book introductions, in-text maps, charts, and personality profiles - a rich combination of features that made the Life Application Study Bible today's #1-selling study Bible. It's the one Bible resource that incorporates today's top scholarship in answering your "now what?" questions.

Life Application Notes: Thousands of Life Application notes help you discover the truth of Scripture, understand its relevance for your life, and apply it in daily living.

Learn From Their Lives: Benefit from the life experiences of the best-loved and most-despised figures in the Bible.

Gain a Deeper Understanding: Vital statistics, overview, and timeline explain the message of each book.

Understand Major-Themes: Each book begins with a short study of the major themes presented, including their historical and biblical significance.

Discover Each Book at a Glance: Quickly discover what is covered in each book of the Bible by exploring the outline and brief descriptions.

Visualize the Holy Land: Over 200 maps and over 260 charts alongside the text help you visualize the Bible lands and trace the journeys of Bible people.

Find Passages Quickly: Topical index provides instant access to Bible passages tied to today's needs and issues.

Enhance Your Ministry: Christian Worker's Resource equips you for sharing your faith, discipling a new believer, preparing to speak, and incorporating application-orientated study into daily life. Written by seasoned ministry experts.

Grow in Faith: Extensive dictionary/concordance, helpful indexes, daily reading plan, and words of Christ in red all support your growing faith.


  • Every note thoroughly updated
  • Over 300 new Life Applicaiton notes
  • Clearer applications added throughout
  • 8 new charts
  • 16 new personality profiles
  • Expanded materal explaining the intertestamental period
  • New, practical Christian Worker's Resource

"The Life Application Study Bible is a great step forward in helping Christians apply the Bible's life-changing message in their own lives." - Dr. Billy Graham

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