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Winds Cove

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Rebecca J. Hammond

Jackie Randall watched the sun rise over Winds Cove every morning without any idea of the dark secrets hidden beneath the waves of her childhood haunt. But all of that is about to change.

One by one they enter her life, three strangers who will turn her world upside down - a brooding soccer player, an eccentric adventurer, and an enigmatic outcast. The townsfolk whisper of a tragedy long ago, an ancient legend sings of a hidden silver cave, tunnels snake through the coastal rock luring her into their vast maze, and all the while someone keeps to the shadows, watching.

Jackie didn't long for an exciting life. She just wanted to survive high school. But as she becomes entangled in a mystery from a half century earlier that haunts an entire town, the ever-present hand of God is revealed, and Jackie comes face to face with the secrets of her own past.

About Rebecca J. Hammond:

Rebecca J. Hammond was born in 1977 in the beautiful state of Vermont and has lived most of her life in New England. A 1999 graduate of Bob Jones University with a degree in Creative Writing, she has written and directed two plays and has had the opportunity to work on a variety of screenplays and short scripts. Winds Cove is her first novel. Rebecca currently resides in Greenville, South Carolina and is pursuing a career in full time writing.

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