The Promise

The Promise
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ISBN/Product ID:  9781850788850
Pages:  331
Binding:  Paperback
Publisher:  Authentic
Author(s):  Claire Connor
Series:  Lipstick Confessions

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Only 2 left in stock, usually despatched within 24 hours  

Only 2 left in stock, usually despatched within 24 hours

Sarah watched Arima weave across the room, mumbling to herself about keys. This was... unbelievable. It couldn't be happening. She seemed sincere but was there a catch?

'Arima, Wait!'

'Yeah?' Arima swayed in the doorway, feeling dead on her feet.

'Promise me you're serious about this. Promise.'

'I promise.'

Can any good come from the promise made between two close friends, Sarah and Arima? Will their friendship endure the trials that follow their life-changing pace? Or will the unforseen consequences destroy them both?

The second in the 'Lipstick Confessions' series, 'The Promise' follows the story of one man and two women: Sarah desperate for a child and free spirit Arima, who belongs to nothing and no one.

Or so she thinks....

'Claire Connor and G.P. Taylor's storytelling is flawless as they explore the profound heartache of families facing childlessness. Full of friendship, sacrifice and emotion this poignant tale kept me entertained and riveted.' PENNY CULLIFORD - author

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