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Hammering at the Doors of Heaven

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Kregel Publications
Christine Schneider
The Fires of Faith

“We applaud the grand theme of Christine Schneider’s new series. She reminds us thast even in the darkest of the Dark Ages, the light of the Gospel never has been snuffed out.” – Luis and Pat Palau

”Schneider’s skillful recreation of the culture of medieval Europe draws the reader into a compelling story of state politics and religious intrigues that threatens to overwhelm the lives and faith of everyday people.” – Paul L. Maier author of A Skeleton on God’s Closet

Shortly after the turn of the century of the first millennium, the town of Felsenburg is shadowed by the rising walls of the new cathedral.

Count Raimund’s life has been shadowed by guilt for as long as he can remember. He determines to “buy” peace to soothe his conscience by commissioning bronze bells for the cathedral. As the count is drawn ever closer to realizing true peace, how much will it cost him to gain the treasures of heaven?

Emmerich, a bronze, and Monika, a young widow with two small children, are befriended by a small band of believers, branded as heretics by the official church. Will they be able to overcome the mistakes of their pasts and the opposition of the count to find true happiness and love?.

About Christine Scheider:

Christine Scheider spent fifteen years in Austria as a missionary and has travelled extensively throughout Europe. Her avid interest in the Middle Ages and the history of Christianity in Europe formed the impetus for this fiction series.

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