Exposing Harry Potter and Witchcraft

Exposing Harry Potter and Witchcraft
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Product ID:  9780768425451
ISBN/Barcode:  9780768425451
Publisher:  Destiny Image
Binding:  Paperback
Pages:  224
Author(s):  Steve Wohlberg

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Harry Potter: Fulfilling End-Times Prophecy?

"through sorcery all nations were deceived" (Revelation 18:23).

This is no fictitious pronouncement, but the ominous truth about the last days.

Millions the world over have read Harry Potter books and watched Harry Potter movies. So what's wrong with that?

Youngsters, teenagers, and adults have become fascinated with the mysterious energies flowing through witches, sorcerers, and wizards. In rapidly increasing numbers, young and old are visiting witchcraft web sites, buying spell books, joining covens, mixing potions, and practicing magic.

Many parents view Harry Potter as harmless entertainment, yet others are certain dark spiritual forces lurk beneath the magic-made-fun pages. But what does the Bible have to say about this apocalyptic phenomenon?

Author, radio host, and TV producer Steve Wohlberg offers penetrating insights about today's attraction to sorcery, and explores the controversial worlds of witchcraft, Harry Potter, and the Bible.

Exposing Harry Potter and Witchcraft answers all your questions about what's wrong with Harry Potter.

About Steve Wohlberg:


Steve Wohlberg is the speaker/director of White Horse Media. Radio host, television producer,, and author of 12 books, he has been a guest on over 500 radio and television shows, including CNN Radio, USA Radio, american Family Radio, Focus 4, and the Harvest Show. Steve lives in Auberry, California, with his wife, Kristin, and son, Seth Michael.

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