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Water from the Well

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When it is cold and wintry outside, there's nothing quite like a good, hot steaming cup of tea. Similarly, when the weather is swelteringly hot, a long, cool glass of water is more than welcome.

On a spiritual level, our souls are all too often in need of refreshment and revival. At times the world can seem so cold and frosty. At other times the world can wear us out with its heat. The difficulties, discouragements and disappointments of this life can all upset our internal equilibrium...

In times like these we need the Bible, for it is God's Word - and God's Word alone - which provides us with the true, inner, lasting refreshment and restoration we need.

This book will prove to be WATER FROM THE WELL to your soul. Its compassionate messages, all drawn squarely from the Bible, will touch you in a way that helps you with whatever ails you.

Is your spiritual life currently flagging? Are you in need of spiritual refreshment? Read this book - it will bring you the joy, assurance and reassurance that is the birthright of every Christian.

With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation

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