Storm Force

Storm Force
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Product ID:  9781850788201
ISBN/Barcode:  9781850788201
Publisher:  Authentic
Binding  Paperback
Pages  177
Author(s)  Eric Gaudion

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Only 1 left in stock, usually dispatched within 24 hours

Does the Bible really teach that healing is as much part of what Jesus achieved on the cross as forgiveness and the paying of the penalty of man's sin? Not according to Eric Gaudion. In this book, he takes apart the arguments, showing they are not Bible-based, and pleads for leaders and led to extend more compassion to those suffering from long-term (or short-term) illness. While remaining a firm believer in healing through faith, which he has both witnessed and experienced, nevertheless he says, 'Suffering is at the heart of the Christian faith and cannot be avoided by those who follow a crucified Saviour. As a leader in the Pentecostal/charismatic tradition of the church, I have felt for some time that we lack a coherent theology of suffering in our teaching. We need a balanced view that celebrates the healing power of God today and yet embraces the understanding that God can, in his sovereignty, choose to use suffering for his purpose.'

'There are preachers who gain respect because of their powerful and erudite ministry. There are others who have a special credibility before ever they open their Bible and speak. It is because they have already walked through the fire of their own preaching and have proved before the eyes of a watching world that it is possible to behave what you believe - even when faith is under fire. Such is my friend Eric Guadion - man of a robust belief in the faithfulness of God.' - REVD JOHN GLASS, GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT, ELIM PENTECOSTAL CHURCHES

About the Author:

ERIC GAUDION is Pastor of Shiloh Church in Guernsey. He has served in ministry for many years in the Channel Islands and the UK, and also as a missionary in the Seychelles and Zimbabwe. He is also the author of Braving the Storm.


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