O Love That Will Not Let Me Go

O Love That Will Not Let Me Go
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Product ID:  9781860246104
ISBN/Barcode:  9781860246104
Publisher:  Authentic
Binding  Hardback
Pages  126
Author(s)  David Aldous

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Only 1 left in stock, usually dispatched within 24 hours

David Aldous has been searching for love throughout his life, often looking in all the wrong places. then came an unforgettable seven days: the Father poured out His love direct from heaven, impacting David's life once and for all. For the first time, David experienced and understood how great and how deep was his Father's love for him.

This is the story of that seven-day experience. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry. You will not fail to be moved, for as you read this book you will sense the love of the Lord not only for David but for you.

'David's book, O Love That Will Not Let Me Go is a moving personal testimony of God's awesome love and perfect concern for his children. It is a powerful personal journey into the very heart of Father God. As you read, you will be moved to a warmer, securer place in God, finding you, too, are his very own special child and he will do anything for you.' - DR HEIDI GAIL BAKER, FOUNDING DIRECTOR OF IRIS MINISTRIES

'David Aldous shares with us his unique journey of love. In this book you too can come on this same journey and find above all the loving father heart of God.' - CANON ANDREW WHITE, PRESIDENT OF THE FRRME & VICAR OF BAGHDAD

'O Love That Will Not Let Me Go' will get hold of you with a voice you recognise already, but maybe are not realising, and it will not let you go until the love of the One who is speaking has embraced you with both arms.' - MAHESH AND BONNIE CHAVDA, MAHESH CHAVDA MINISTRIES, USA

About the Author:

For the past 25 years David Aldous has been both an actor and presenter on television and radio, and has played characters in popular series such as The Bill and Casualty. David currently presents a programme called 'In Depth for God TV' and 'Passages of Life' for Premier Radio.

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