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Product ID:  9781845503734
ISBN/Barcode:  9781845503734
Publisher:  Christian Focus
Binding  Paperback
Pages  133
Author(s)  Oliver Claassen

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4 in stock, usually dispatched within 24 hours

"Lifesong is part of a movement of God's spirit that is leading emerging generations to return to a Christ-centered worship that values beauty and artistry. I applaud the creativity of these melodies and their ability to lead us back to singing the scriptures to one another." CHRIS SEAY, Pastor of Ecclesia Houston, President of Ecclesia Bible Society, author of The Gospel Reloaded, The Gospel according to Tony Soprano, The Tao of Enron and co-author of Stories of Emergence.

"Outstanding! Oliver brings clarity to one of the most misunderstood subjects of my 20 years in student ministry. He looks at what the Bible actually says about God's desire for, and from, his worshippers. This is written for those of us who want more than a superficial discussion of what worship is - and is not; but without the lingo only theologians can understand. All over the country I am asked about worship, now I will point them to this book. Thanks Oliver." DAVID MCNEELY, Conference Speaker and Senior High Campus Director, Perimeter Church, Atlanta, Georgia.

"To contextualize God's Word lovingly without compromising its truth requires great skill and a gospel heart. Dr. Oliver Claassen has both, as evidenced in his new book, Lifesong. though written with high school and college students in mind, Dr. Claassen helps a much larger audience understand the difference between worshipping worship and worshipping God. Both the style and content of this book reflect the heart of a man passionate about God's glory, and pastorally committed to leading God's people into a more faithful and engaging experience of God's worship in line with the truth of the gospel." Scotty Smith, Founding Pastor, Christ Community Church, Franklin Tennessee.

"The great value of this work is its rooting in Scripture. Its powerful and sustained focus on the glorious person and work of Christ, and the demonstration of the relevance of worship to all of life. Worship is not reduced to the level of technique or cultural expression or a heartless, outward duty. Africa with its traditional view of a distant God and mediatory ancestral cult needs this work that so powerfully links the worshipper directly with the transcendent God through the revelatory, atoning, reconciling, intercessory and reigning ministries of the Lord Jesus Christ." Vernon Light, Principal, The Bible Institute of the Eastern Cape, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

About Oliver Classen:

Dr. Oliver Claassen is the senior Pastor of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Cape Coral, Florida.

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