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Jesus For Adults

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Linda Rios Brook

Mature thinkers want an honest interpretation of the complexities and implications of Scripture. You want an intelligent discussion as to whether modern science and technology displace ancient Scripture--or whether they testify to the mind of the Creator. You want authenticity--no cliches.

This book examines the motives and personalities of the men and women who personally knew Jesus--moving you beyond children's Bible stories to adult reasoning and understanding.

Author Linda Rios Brook dares to ask--and answer--the tough questions including:


  • Is Jesus really coming back?


  • Does Western bias slant the interpretation of women's roles in the Bible?


  • Where is Heaven?


  • Does the Bible stand up to the scrutiny of honest skepticism?


  • Is satan real?


Jesus for Adults will challenge your conclusions and strengthen your stand.


About Linda Rios Brook:


Linda Rios Brook, a television executive for 25 years, has authored four books including Frontline Christians in a Bottom-Line World. She is a Bible scholar and teacher, and is president of Lakeland Leadership League, and CEO of Red Penguin Entertainment. She also serves on the board of Global Harvest, is vice present of the International Christian Chamber of Commerce USA, and is a member of the International Coalition of Apostles.

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