How To Be Evangelical Without Being Conservative

How To Be Evangelical Without Being Conservative
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ISBN/Product ID:  9780310283386
Pages:  210
Binding:  Hardback
Publisher:  Zondervan
Author(s):  Roger E. Olson

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Today's culture commonly equates evangelical Christianity with conservatism in religion, politics, theology, and social attitudes. But evangelicals have not always been conservative. Here is a vibrant and meaningful vision of what it really means to be an evangelical Christian today, embracing the risks and realities of living a radically biblical faith in today's complex world.

"Roger has put words and theological thinking to exactly what so many of us are feeling. We don't want to abandon our evangelical heritage and theology, but we aren't comfortable with how it is being redefined." Dan Kimball author of They Like Jesus but Not the Church

"In this clear and succinct volume Roger Olson disentangles the idea of "Evangelical" from its common association with the label "conservative" and shows that the two are not the same. In so doing he helps us to see that the evangelical commitment to the Word of God calls on us to resist the cultural captivity of any ideological agenda." John R Franke Professor of Theology, Biblical Semitary

"This wonderfully written work reclaims the beauty of the Christ-centered evangelical tradition. For all of us for whom 'evangelical' has become largely synonymous with an angry, reactionary, dogmatic, and largely politicized mindset, this insightful, balanced, and biblically-based book is beyond encouraging: its positively therapeutic! All evangelicals need to read this!" Dr. Gregory A Boyd Senior Pastor, Woodland Hills Church, Maplewood, Minnesota. Author of The Myth of a Christian Nation and Letters from a Skeptic

"Olson clears away much of the clutter and debris in the way of Christians who want to follow Jesus and stay true to the Scriptures. Every evangelical Christ-follower must wrestle with Olson's thought-provoking questions of biblical faith, re-orienting!" John Burke author of No Perfect People Allowed

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