Dance Lessons for Zombies

Dance Lessons for Zombies
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Product ID:  9781591452775
ISBN/Barcode:  9781591452775
Publisher:  Integrity
Binding  Paperback
Pages  258
Author(s)  Peter Hiett

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Only 2 left in stock, usually dispatched within 24 hours


Jesus called them "whitewashed tombs." We'd call them "zombies" - the walking dead. People whose faith appears alive on the outside, but rotting on the inside. People who look good ... until the bandages come off and the truth comes out.

Perhaps you've been in a zombie church: one more discipline, one more law, one more program, one more principle to apply ... ad nauseum. That's bad religion. It's stiff. Draining. And most of all, dead. And you should be wary of it, says author Peter Hiett, for much of what we call "Christian" really isn't.

What Jesus offers us instead is animated, alive, ultra-dimentional and fully digital. A dance, not a dirge. And it comes in many forms. Drawing perspective from the Sermon on the Mount and the book of Matthew, Pastor Hiett gives us new ways of hearing Jesus' words ... so that the stiffness of "doing church" doesn't stop us from true worship; so that we pour ourselves out for God rather than being sucked dry by religion; so that we forget appearances and become lost in His music; so that our faith amounts to a party with the Lord of the Dance Himself..

About Peter Hiett:


Peter Hiett, a dynamic and gifted preacher, has served as senior pastor of Lookout Mountain Community Church in Golden, Colorado, since 1992. He and his wife Susan, have four children: Jonathan, Elizabeth, Rebekah and Coleman. He also wrote Integrity's Eternity Now! Encountering the Jesus of Revelation.

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