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Finding Oasis

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Clare Nonhebel

Clare Nonhebel went to India to see the real world of Slumdog Millionaire to capture the stories of those for whom slum living is an inevitable necessity. She interviewed victims of human trafficking, street children and others marginalised by society, discovering beneath the poverty a zest for life that both inspired and challenged her. To the voiceless, she has given a voice. This is the story of what she found - and how it changed her.

'WARNING: reading Clare Nonhebel's 'Finding Oasis' could seriously damage your ability to resist getting involved in short term missions and project support. Clare's story and experiences show just how an unsuspecting housewife can become an inspired member of God's army of ordinary people who make a difference where it really matters. Read and be challenged as she was and see just where the Holy Spirit might take you!' - John Noble, speaker, author and co-leader of Spiritconnect

'Clare Nonhebel is a seasoned author who always invests much of herself in her writings. 'Finding Oasis' is a great testimony to her concern for the most marginalized in society, and a conviction that every man and woman is my brother or my sister. For anyone who has never seen the outcasts in India firsthand, and has a concern for justice and equality, this should be essential reading.' - Sal Solo, Singer

'Clare has given us a great read! I couldn't put the book down, being carried artlessly and imperceptibly to the last page at maximum speed. Perhaps this was because it is a love story, that is God's love for all including the least likely, or it may be that Clare takes us to the frontiers of Jesus' advancing kingdom, introducing us to otherwise unknown priceless people in whose faces we get a glimpse of the face of God's Spirit.' - Roger Forster, Ichthus Fellowship

'For everyone living under pressure or struggling with stress - from Mumbai slum dwellers who have nothing, to Westerners who boast everything except peace - 'Finding Oasis' is about the discovery of hope.' - Steve Chalke MBE, founder of Oasis Global, Faithworks & Stop The Traffik

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