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How to Choose A Bible Version

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Robert L Thomas

'In a time when English speaking Christians are faced with a plethora of Bible translations, there is little clarity as to which most accurately reflect the original Scripture. This lack of understanding leads people to choose a translation most often for the wrong reasons... No one is better equipped to identify the quality and accuracy of New Testament translations than Dr. Robert Thomas. He has spent a lifetime not only teaching the Word of God from the original language, but developing his expertise in the realm of original language manuscripts. I happily recommend this scholarly and yet extremely practical treatment of Bible translations. We all need to know that what we call the 'Word of God' is, in fact, His Word.' John MacArthur, Pastor/Teacher, author and broadcaster

'While many in our day choose a version and then argue for it alone, Thomas does not have this as his purpose. While he discusses adequacies and inadequacies of each version, he does so fairly and without divisiveness. Reading his analysis it is apparent that he has a heart for the Bible, and for the people who read it. This is most apparent in his conclusion where he gives good reviews of several versions and comments on their particular strengths. His stated purpose is to develop categories for evaluating versions so that individuals can settle on the one that best fits their needs. This is a very worthy goal, and Thomas has done us all a favour by penning a simple and readable guide that accomplishes his stated purpose.' David W.Hegg, Pastor and author

The explosive growth in new Bible translations has given new concerns to people when they buy a Bible. Scholars disagree on how to translate the original languages so how are you to judge? With all sorts of hermeneutical methods catered for, an increased responsibility is placed in the hands of the consumer. How do you decide which version to use? And when to use it?

Robert Thomas

has set out to help us find a way out of this situation - he teaches us what we need in order to assess each bible version and decide its suitability for the task we want to use it for.

This book helps us learn the principles we need to know in order to assess the problems and strengths of the many Bible versions that are available today.

About Robert Thomas:

Robert L Thomas is a respected theological author and Professor of New Testament at The Master's Seminary, California

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